Sunday, November 22, 2009

House Monkey

Over the past few days, we've noticed that winter is quickly approaching. Chilly mornings and cold nights. We have been spoiled, living in tropical climates for the past five years, and our boys do not really know what winter is. Dorian once saw a bit of melting snow on a trip to Connecticut in March 2008, but for him snow and ice are where the penguins live. Our apartment does not have heat. We just bought four radiators (on wheels!) that will be in the bedrooms and anywhere else we like since they are very conveniently mobile. While I miss the warm climate and ocean view, it is nice to have a change of season. Dorian doesn't seem to mind it either. He found his own way of staying warm:

I bought the costume for Halloween two years ago and it was way too big for Dorian. When the boxes arrived here I couldn't find it and thought it was lost. Now it fits him perfectly and, yes, he is using his tail as a microphone. I wonder what our neighborhood monkey would think of that?

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