Thursday, November 19, 2009

Off the beaten track...

This morning the babysitter came to watch Arthur so I could run some errands. My first task was to go to see the travel agent who is planning a little trip for us next month. I am very excited at the thought of exploring outside Delhi. But, after my outing today, I realize how much of this huge city I have not yet seen. The travel agency was in a part of town that I have driven by many times but never visited. A busy road runs by and the market area is bordered by high-end shops, but as the taxi drove further and further off the main road, I felt like I was seeing another side of Delhi. The street narrowed, shops spilled out on the the road, people, cows, cars and rickshaws mingled.

I got out of the taxi and tried to find the street number, but one thing I have learned here is that not everything follows a logical, or numerical, order. The number I wanted was a number on the main road but it was actually around the corner and back a bit. Luckily, there were some nice people to point me in the right direction. Along the way, I saw some interesting things.

Hiding behind the motorcycles, baby cows...

My morning adventures continued when I went to the address the babysitter gave me for a tailor of women's clothing. Background: I brought some clothes to wear, but in my terrible, tired and confused post-birth-moving-around-the-world mind, the things I packed do not go with each other and I have nothing for an evening out. So, I met a really nice lady who showed me several catalogues that I could choose from both Indian and Western styles, then she hopped in the taxi with me to go to yet another, but nearby, market so I could pick out fabric. Very exciting. So to start with, I will have one cocktail dress and one Indian-style outfit (long tunic with fitted pants). They will be ready at the beginning of next week. I can't wait! The woman in blue in the photo below is the one nice who is making my clothes and she totally took charge in the fabric shop.

Today, was a good day. I explored and feel like I accomplished some things.


  1. Post pics of your finished outfits. They sound fabulous!

  2. Ah, I'm just reading this now. Sounds wonderful. How did they turn out? Photos, yes!