Monday, January 3, 2011


In the time leading up to Christmas, Dorian was most excited about putting up decorations. He loved drawing Christmas trees with stockings and presents and putting them up all over the house. Then one afternoon I came home to to see what Dorian had been working on with his papa:

I do love how lights look on the outside of houses during the holiday season, but if you saw our electrical wiring, like me, you wouldn't dare add to the chaos of wires inside our fuse box--especially after having lost electricity the previous week and the electrician offering to "borrow" some electricity, which we kindly refused. So, inspired by our recent trip to the flower market, we put strands of flowers up:

And, the final touch was Dorian's flower path leading to our door to make sure Santa would know which way to go:

The next day, we woke in amazement to see this beautiful decoration outside, in honor of the neighbor's upcoming wedding:

It's not the usual holiday lights we're so used to, but was beautiful, saved electricity and put us all in the holiday spirit.

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