Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do over...

I don't usually let myself regret anything. My thinking is either things happen for a reason and/or we learn from what happens and it betters us for the future. That said, I do have one regret of 2010. I wish I  could do over Christmas night...

You see, a few weeks ago, we were very kindly invited to an Indian wedding. I was so surprised and honored. And, very happy because since arriving here 16 months ago I have heard so many things about weddings in India and I was so wanting to take part in such an amazing event. So, Christmas night we got all dressed up (even my parents were invited once our friends found out they were in town) minus X because he offered to stay home with poor sick boy Arthur. And, I thought it'd be a good idea for Dorian to come--he was specifically invited and I had it in my head that this would be a great experience for him, plus he really wanted to go, too. As for myself, I had even debated staying home with my sick little one (maternal heartstrings being pulled) but in the end decided that I'd only stay for a bit and just couldn't miss out--especially, when the white horse showed up to take the groom to the wedding then the drummers arrived followed by the fire shooters. We were told by several people to take our time getting there because most people arrive a bit late and things take a while to get started. We arrived about forty minutes after the time on the invitation and, apparently, we missed out on something. The wedding couple was standing on the stage wearing their garlands greeting people and having photos taken. Maybe we missed the ceremony? We did see a beautifully decorated space filled with gorgeously dressed people. Unfortunately, with a sick boy at home and with a 4.5 year old in tow who is usually asleep by 8pm, we didn't stay too long.

I wish we could have seen what happens after the photos and the dinner (I've been told more ceremonies and dancing). And, in talking with the groom's mother a few days after the wedding, I found out that the Prime Minister was in attendance as well as some well known ministers....oh boy, do I wish I could go back to that night! I would have left my boy at home where he could have slept and stayed warm, brought a warm wrap for myself because wearing a silk sari on a cold winter's night even with outdoor heaters is freezing (!) and stayed to enjoy all the wedding festivities.

I guess I can't let myself regret this too much. If we are ever fortunate once more and, at some unexpected moment, receive another wedding invitation, at least I'll know to leave the kids at home and show up on time and bring a wrap!

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