Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

Last fall while I was at the Dasktar Mela, I saw a man selling handmade paper kites. I, of course, had to buy one. Dorian was thrilled. But, we put it in a safe place to wait for a windy day. Last Sunday, it was windy, or at least there was more wind than usual. So, to get the kids out of the house in the afternoon, we grabbed the kite and walked to the public garden in front of our house. There were boys playing cricket. We pretty much handed Dorian the kite, told him to throw it up when the wind came and run. It was funny. He was trying so hard. Then the kite started to rip. A nice boy came by and helped us tape it up. Then another boy came and showed Dorian how to fly the kite. And, there is a true technique that I have never known or mastered. Dorian helped out by holding the string, letting it out and bringing it in when necessary. It was great to see all the kids working together to fly the kite. Then, it got stuck in a tree and ripped. I looked at Dorian to see if there were tears or sadness...but he just took his broken kite, looked at me and said, "Mama, I'm going to to make another one..."

And he's off...

The repairs begin:

Teamwork, three boys holding the string:

Playing chase:

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  1. I love it! My brother was born on Jan 14th, which the day of the kite festival in Gujarat, I think. Is it also celebrated in Delhi?

    Dorian is adorable.