Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Money changers

On my parents' recent trip to Delhi they found themselves in a money predicament. My mom, having arrived before my papa, quickly discovered that her debit card was not working. Upon checking with their bank, they were informed that the bank ceased all card transactions in India because of fraud issues. Okay, so we've been here about a year and a half and have never had a problem (knock on wood, fingers crossed). But, imagine my mom's surprise when she found this out even after she had let the bank know that they would be traveling to India. Anyway, when my father arrived he brought traveler's checks. I know! I haven't used traveler's checks in over a decade!! With the checks in hand, we set out to find a place to change them. I looked online and realized that among the five or so places recommended by American Express, there was one just near the United Nations...? We thought we'd give it a try. The security guards were nice and let me speak to the person at the money changing office. And, he nicely gave us permission to enter with visitors' badges. Another very nice person directed to the office. The man at the money changing office said that normally he doesn't do this for non-UN people, so I guess it was our lucky day. Plus, he gave us a good exchange rate and wished us a Merry Christmas. All in all our money changing trip to the UN made a our boring task much more exciting.

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