Sunday, September 12, 2010

CWG lane

Since moving Delhi just over a year ago, we have seen CWG everywhere--Commonwealth Games. The city has been under constant construction for the upcoming games. And, the most recent project has been to create a Commonwealth Game lane. When I first saw the street signs, I was so surprised. In a city where lanes seem optional (granted, I don't drive here, so I don't understand the complexities and nuances of driving), I just wondered how it will all go down. Well, we had a taste of it the other day. On one of the main roads near our neighborhood, from 12-2pm the Commonwealth Game lane was closed. There were policmen standing every 100 meters to keep cars from sneaking over. Apparently, it was a trial run to see how things would play out. I'm not sure what the concensus was, but it was pretty much what I expected--bumper to bumper, three or four cars in a space for two lanes. It was quite impressive to look over and see an entire lane completely empty. I like to think it is just a minor inconvenience to something larger that many locals are proud to host (at least the people I've spoken to).

Reporting from the empty CWG lane:
This is pretty much what it was like:
I like the "brace for long snarls":


  1. Yuck. And our driver said the fine for being IN the CWG lane without the appropriate vehicle tag brings a Rs 2,000 fine!

  2. it's made the metro unbearable too, with SO MANY people in it!

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Naomi, it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds on the 20th when the lane goes into effect.
    Upasna, thanks for mentioning the metro. I was wondering how it was, especially with the new line extensions/stations. I'm afraid the crowds will just get worse in the coming weeks.