Friday, September 24, 2010

Rain, rain go away...

Last year when we arrived in Delhi at the end of August, it rained for about 2 days then stopped. It is now almost the end of September and we've had rain almost every single day. Now, we're no strangers of a rainy season after having lived on Reunion Island, one of the rainiest places, especially during cyclone season. But, this rain in Delhi just seems we stay inside a lot and paint and dance and play hide and seek. Recently, Dorian, who has been wanting more counter space for his kitchen (don't we all?), found a box and decided to decorate it for his kitchen. He spend at least an hour with sparkly tape and markers very carefully getting his box ready for his kitchen:


  1. Please tell Dorian I like 'The Kitchener's Box'


  2. I was really enjoying the cooler weather, the cloudy skies and the rain but now have serious issues with mould and need the rays of the sun to come back out. Indian Meteo says end of monsoon now so perhaps just perhaps this is the end of the rain...Love m