Thursday, September 2, 2010

Firsts Days of Schools

The beginning of September means back to school and it's been a busy week for us. Taking id photos, getting school supplies but most importantly, getting Dorian excited to go back to school.

And, surprise of all surprises, Arthur started school too! It's just a little playschool for three hours a day. It's funny because I never sent Dorian to a playschool. We had a great group of friends in Reunion and always had some sort of activity going on. But, here with play groups it can be hit or miss and I've been to some where I'm the only mom among ayahs and it's a bit uncomfortable for me. Plus, Arthur can be very energetic, outgoing and expressive so I thought this was something he would benefit from and enjoy. His first day was Wednesday. As soon as we walked into the classroom, he was off exploring and playing. He got a little upset when I left, but not too much. And, he was fine when we picked him up, so I think we're off to a good start.

Dorian's first day back at school was today. He oscillated between slight excitement and not wanting to go. Once in the classroom, he was hesitant...until he saw it...the play kitchen. Thank goodness for that! I don't think it would have been so positive otherwise. It'll be a long day for him, so hopefully he'll be just as happy when we pick him up this afternoon.

Getting Arthur ready for his first day...he relaxes and wonders why I'm taking all these photos.

Dorian is ready to go!

Love at first sight...Arthur beelines for the play cars.
Happy Dorian at the classroom kitchen.


  1. Hope they have a wonderful year Caitlin x m

  2. Hey Caitlin! Good to see Dorian was happy as well! See you tomorrow at school! X Sofie