Monday, September 20, 2010

The Metro

The Delhi Metro has been under construction and now will extend about 45 km to the south of Delhi to Gurgaon and the airport. It has been chaotic as streets have been dug up, dust flies and markets as well as houses have shifted. The whole thing has seemed like unending mess but magically as the Commonwealth Games approach the streets are looking cleaner, flowers and grass have been planted and people are coming and going from the new metro stations. Near us there are a few that have recently opened. I was happily suprised one evening to see lights and flowers on the inaugural day of this metro stop:

And, it's nice to see people using the Metro after seeing others work so hard for so long on its construction.

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  1. ooh but the metro is quite a thing to use, especially in peak traffic, looks like the whole of delhi travels on one yellow line onwards to south delhi and ggn, it's very very crowded, but on the (much) brighter side, it's a delight to have flexible transport finally!!