Friday, September 17, 2010

Recent signage

Back on my sign kick while driving around...

This one for the Commonwealth Games:

The above sign in various sizes and versions featuring different sports have popped up all over town--side of the road, bus stops, even the exterior of the public toilet. This one has the tiger mascot.

And this quite possibly is the best sign ever:

If you don't see it (sorry took it with my phone from the car), look just above the two men on the left...Incredible India, indeed!


  1. cant see it ??? You had better spell it out for us x m

  2. oh, i'm so sorry. i should have stopped the car to take the photo. it's an elephant with a red slash across--apparently, no elephants allowed on that street. it's the only sign like that i've seen in delhi and i love it.

  3. Love that! Where is the sign? Do you remember? Maybe Anthony does?