Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Karwa Chauth Part II

Today is the festival of Karwa Chauth. Yesterday, like the Hindu women celebrating this festival, I had henna painted on my hand for the well-being of my husband. Married women fast during the day and at sunset go to temples in fancy dress and give offerings. I was looking forward to seeing beautiful women in beautiful clothes, so I packed up the boys--Dorian in the stroller and Arthur in the baby carrier and off to the local temple we went. I got a bit excited when we walked by a house with a front lawn with full of ladies all dressed up. A bit further I saw another woman get in her car with a small tray of offerings. But, once we got to the temple, nothing. Hmm...we waited, chatted a bit with a family sitting on a bench, but still nothing. The sun started setting, so we had to head back for bedtime. Oh well. I did take a few photos of our walk. Neighborhood shots, nobody in fancy dress.

The community center

The market

An All Day Milk Stall that is never open

Way up in that tree are loads of those green parakeets (yes, I am obsessed)

See that black car with the yellow top? That's the taxi we take EVERY day.

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