Sunday, October 18, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Yesterday was Diwali, the festival of lights, and I wanted to write about it and post some photos but I've been having such trouble uploading them! Actually, I'm using our smaller (slower) laptop because Dorian, who was playing near our other computer even after me telling him a zillion times to be careful and not play near it, tripped, pulled the plug out of the wall and broke the adapter. The little man is fine but now I 1) need a desk/table/secret space for our computer and 2) need to buy an adaptor. Anyone know where I can buy one in New Delhi (an adaptor, not a secret space)?


  1. Could you order the adaptor from your laptop provider on line?

  2. are you talking about the actual power plug from the laptop to the wall (and not the power converter for the different electricity?)

    (i dont know all of the terms ... i'm not electronic savvy)

    I'd try one of the electronics stores ... maybe at Khan or Sarojini??

  3. Yes, it's just the plug adaptor i.e from American plug to something that will work in India, like our French plugs. Will try Khan, then Sarojini, then online if need be--thanks for your suggestions Julie and Naomi!

  4. Nehru place is the computer everything market here (they say largest in southeast Asia, I have my doubts). Its across from lotus temple, your sure to find somthing there. cheap too.


  5. Good news--I found one very easily at Khan market. Thanks for all the suggestions!