Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Karwa Chauth

Tomorrow, October 7th, is the Hindu festival of Karwa Chauth. It's celebrated by married women to give their husbands a long life, happiness and good fortune. During the day women are supposed to fast and, traditionally, they give gifts and paint their hands and/or feet with henna (read more, like I did at www.karwachauth.com).

I happened to meet up with two very nice married women at a market this morning and we all decided to have our hand painted with henna. We all love our husbands.

Here's my hand.

These nice men at the next stand decided Arthur needed some entertainment while I was otherwise occupied.

Apparently, he wasn't the only one entertained.

After the henna dries, it flakes off leaving this orange color. The darker the color on your palm the more your husbands love you. Mine is getting darker as I type, seriously, it is.


  1. Love it, Caitlin!

    Had fun with you today!! Mine is getting darker by the minute too.

    And I do feel obligated to share that Arthur wasn't just sitting there by his lonesome with the puppeteers as the picture makes it appear :)

    Happy karwachauth!

  2. I am a friend of Julie
    i think I met you in New caledonia when I was there 3 years ago
    will be in India soon so I follow your blog even so it will be my 7th times around !!!!
    Enjoy !

  3. Naomi--Glad you mentioned it, I wanted to say that he wasn't alone but forgot:) fyi, only my palm side is getting darker...

    Anne--I remember meeting you in Noumea and having a nice lunch with you and Julie and her family. Please be in touch when you're in India, you can teach me a few things about this amazing country.