Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some time with Dorian

Yesterday was Gandhi's birthday and a national holiday in India. It was also the International Day of Non-Violence. Dorian had the day off school and he asked me why. So, I talked to Dorian about who Gandhi was and why he was important to India and the world. I tried to keep my explanation simple so I mainly talked about two of Gandhi's principles: truth and non-violence. At age 3 and a half, Dorian is a rather truthful person, but at age 3 and a half and with a younger brother he can have a little streak of meanness that takes the form of hitting, kicking and pushing. I was really hoping that in a round about way, talking about Gandhi and his use of non-violence would somehow have an impact on Dorian...we'll see. Yesterday was good, today not so much. We'll keep talking.

This morning I wanted to spend some time with Dorian so we went to a Diwali crafts bazaar at the Malaysian embassy--lots of clothes, some art, household wares and a little game for Dorian. He won a car. Actually, the threw the ball totally missing all three times so I bought the car. Then we went to a bookstore for snacks and bought a book on Indian festivals, Diwali included. We are learning non-stop here.


  1. Dorian and Arthur are so blessed to have this experience and to have you as a mother!