Monday, October 12, 2009

Monkey Business.

As you know, yesterday we saw a monkey in our front garden. Last night, Xavier saw it hop the back wall and climb around on our ledge. We thought it wise to bring the trash inside and secure all doors. This morning, I told our housekeeper about the monkey. He said at his place he has lots of monkeys, sometimes ten at a time. He said they come and take his mom's clothes. Apparently, they like to eat buttons. He spotted the monkey again on our back wall and said it was a little one. He shooed it away with a broom (I told him to be very careful, of course, I'm most worried about rabies). I told him that I'm used to seeing monkeys at the zoo, not at my house. He thought that was funny. We noticed the monkey was jumping up and down on the electrical wiring. I thought, there goes our internet access! The housekeeper said the monkey was hungry...

So, here he is trying to give the monkey a banana.

Monkey accepts banana.

And, off it goes.

Or so I think. Now, I can't help thinking that maybe monkeys, like stray cats and dogs, will adopt you if you give them food. Hmm...I don't want a pet monkey.


  1. But he's so cute! Are monkeys big harbingers of rabies in New Delhi?

    What do the boys think of the monkey?

  2. Yes, we have to really watch out for rabies here. Dorian will soon be getting the rabies vaccine. Umm, oddly enough, they are pretty indifferent to the monkey. X and I were more excited to see it than they were.