Sunday, October 4, 2009

Qutub Minar

Today we did not go to the markets to buy more household stuff, we actually had an outing--yay! We visited Qutub Minar, the first monuments of Muslim India built on the foundations of the first city of Delhi. It's an amazing area with the most amazing tower, that was the world's tallest tower for centuries. We all had fun, we took lots of photos and had our photos taken--especially Arthur and Dorian. In the last photo above, if you look really closely you can see three of those gorgeous green parakeets that I tried to take a picture of when we were at Lodi Garden the other day.


  1. I even see FOUR of those gorgeous green parakeets when I click on the photo. Well done!

  2. Four! What good eyes you have, I'll have to take another look.