Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Riding Solo

Picture this, if you will, I am alone in a taxi. No wiggly Arthur bouncing up and down in my arms and no fidgety Dorian choo-chooing his way to our next destination. Just me sitting very still and staring out the window. I feel my body finally relaxing...well, as much as I can relax in in a taxi in going through heavy traffic in Delhi. Yes, I had the babysitter come over to watch Arthur for a few hours this morning. And, I'm so glad I did. There's nothing like going out for coffee with friends, making new acquaintances and looking at beautiful goods for sale. On the way back home, I passed this temple:

Okay, click on the photo and look on the left side....Gate Way to Heaven. Who wouldn't want to go to that temple? Now, I know, I know, being alone in a taxi, I should have been more prepared with my camera, should have had it out ready to shoot. Silly me, must have been relaxing too much.


  1. Now you're just bragging. Just kidding. Life sounds good Cait. Litte breathers here and there really make the difference don't they? Just imagine the two weeks you'll experience when Dorian and Arthur are busy with Strother and Hodges horsebackriding in Rule, Texas someday. It'll be just as blissful as my two weeks when the boys exchange the other way across the ocean!!

  2. Can't wait for those days to come!! How old do they have to be to travel alone internationally? Okay, just the thought of that freaks me out. But, yes, exchanges will be in order when the boys are older. Then, we'll have to send them to their respective Nanas, so we can have a getaway just the two of us...

  3. Hi Caitlin, enjoyed holding Arthur the other day. Took a moment to read your blog when I got home. Yesterday I drove past the gateway to heaven and thought that had it not been for the posting I would have missed it...